The Derma Co. is a new-to-market, personalized skincare line that has a panel of dermatologists who create custom skincare regimen, curated for YOUR skin problems. We solve skin problems that regular products don’t. Get acne, pimple, and pigmentation free skin through our breakthrough skin solutions.
In a word - everyone! The Derma Co.’s skincare regimen is tailor made to specific skin concerns. Every product is made to deliver the best results for individual skin concerns. Anyone who is tired of not getting results from regular products that claim to give clear and healthy skin, it’s time for them to use effective clinical formulations that actually work.
Genetic, environmental, and hormonal factors play a significant role in the development of acne and pigmentation. There is no topical medication that can guarantee a permanent cure. We suggest that you stick to your treatment plan for better and effective results.
For visible results, we recommend you to follow the regimen for 21 days and as directed by your consulting dermatologist.
We at The Derma Co., make it easy for you to stick to the plan by taking you through all the processes online. From uploading pictures to consultation and delivery of products, we take care of it all.
To get you started, we provide a one-week trial kit. Just pay a small shipping fee and try our effective products for free. The shipping amount will be credited to your The Derma Co. wallet once the order is delivered. You can use the wallet balance for future purchases from The Derma Co.
The products in the kit will last for a week, and post the completion of 1 week; you will receive a feedback call from our end.
We strongly recommend continuing the regimen for more than 6 days, if you want effective and visible results. During the 1st week, your skin is still adjusting to the treatment and will start showing visible results once you commit to the regimen for 21 days or more.
Our regimen kit consists of a cleanser, moisturizer, treatment product, and a sunscreen gel. These products, when used as prescribed, will last for a month.
After 21 days, your consulting dermatologist will follow-up with you to determine the progress of the customized regimen that was curated especially for your skin problem(s).
Post evaluation, the dermatologist might change the regimen or ask you to continue with the one previously prescribed.
We recommend continuing with the treatment for 8-12 weeks or as suggested by your dermatologist for desired and visible results. Results will also depend on the severity of the condition and how well your skin is responding to the treatment.
Yes, our cleanser and moisturizer are designed to suit all skin types, regardless of the gender.
Yes, if you don’t wish to opt for a dermatologist designed regimen, you can buy individual products as per your need.
Yes, you can use them on your body as well.
You will notice skin improvements within 21 days of starting your customized The Derma Co. skincare regimen. Skin cells take an average of 28 days to renew - as the treatment begins to reprogram your cells, you will start seeing results.
Yes, if you want the most effective skincare for maximum results, you must take our skin assessment. The Derma Co. offers breakthrough skin solutions - skin assessment enables us to offer effective solutions designed by dermatologists, just for you.
The Skin Assessment is simple, straightforward, and won’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time. Stay rest assured, we will keep your answers & photos strictly confidential.
Acne and pigmentation can be visually diagnosed and treated through online care. Our panel of trusted dermatologists and skincare specialists will analyze the photos uploaded by you and follow it up with a telephonic chat to understand your concerns in detail. Post that, they will get back to you with a personalized skincare plan.
Yes, you can! With accurate answers and latest pictures, we will be able to deliver effective solutions, curated especially for your skin concern(s).

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